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Air Conditioner Repair

If you’ve ever experienced life without an air conditioner, then you know how uncomfortable things can get in a home without working A/C. Being sweaty or dealing with stuffy rooms is not the ideal situation, but these things are common when an air conditioner is acting up. When your air conditioner shows the first sign of trouble, call Blaine Heating and Cooling. Our experts can perform a variety of air conditioning services for Minneapolis-area residents: We put our 30 years of experience to work for all of our clients and provide them with fast air conditioning service that will make long summer days a lot more bearable. Sweaty, sticky days will be a thing of the past when you choose an air conditioning contractor from Blaine Heating and Cooling. Call us today if you want air conditioner repair that is fast and affordable!

Air Conditioner- Wall UnitIf you let your air conditioner troubles build up, you may find yourself with a broken unit that can’t be repaired. A whole new air conditioning model will be expensive, too expensive for most homeowners to deal with on a moment's notice. Instead of putting off repairs or just running to the store to buy a new model, call Blaine Heating and Cooling when your A/C starts to give you trouble. Our professional air conditioning repair service can save you a ton of money, as you won’t have to purchase a new model. The air conditioning contractors at Blaine Heating and Cooling will take the time to carefully look over your A/C unit to figure out the problem, diagnose the root issue, and then provide you with complete air conditioner repair. We’re willing to take the time to do the job right, and we’re not going to charge you exorbitant rates for our services.

At Blaine Heating and Cooling, we have the knowledge and expertise to repair central air conditioning and wall units from a wide variety of brands. Our company has been in business since 1998, and we’ve seen almost everything an air conditioner repair service can see. That means we are up to the challenge of fixing your malfunction, no matter what it might be. You should give us a call when your unit:

When you call us in to handle the problem, our air conditioning contractors will use their years of experience to pinpoint that problem quickly and effectively. On top of providing quality air conditioning service, Blaine Heating and Cooling also offers great customer service. We want our customers to receive the best possible repairs, so we’re proud to offer one-year warranties on our parts and labor. If you need an air condition contractor that will offer you fair pricing, fast service, and excellent repairs, Blaine Heating and Cooling is here to help. Call us today for a quote!

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