Services Offered

Blaine Heating and Cooling provides Minneapolis-area residents with comprehensive HVAC heating and cooling services that can make their homes run efficiently no matter what the season is. We're a local heating and cooling company with technicians that have 30 years of experience in the business, and we're committed to providing our customers with top-notch heat pump repair, furnace repair, and air condition service at a fair and affordable price. We use only the most professional techniques and equipment on all of our home and commercial heating and cooling repair jobs. Whether we're cleaning dryer vents for you or providing air duct cleaning, Blaine Heating and Cooling is your source for quality repairs that are fast and cost effective. Call us today for a quote!

Price Quotes You Can Trust

AC SystemAt Blaine Heating and Cooling, we take great care of our customers, and one of the ways we do so is by providing fair, upfront pricing. When you call us to inquire about a service, be it furnace repair or another HVAC heating and cooling service, we're going to give you a price that we'll stick to. With most other heating and air condition companies out there, you're going to receive one quote over the phone and be charged a totally different price upon the completion of your repairs. At Blaine Heating and Cooling, we make certain that we stick to the prices we quote to our customers, so they can be sure to get their homes in working order without having to stretch their wallets.

Parts and Labor Guarantees

Alliance- Happy FamilyIf you want an air conditioning service that you can count on to deliver quality repairs each and every time, then you should choose Blaine Heating and Cooling. We offer one-year warranties on all of our service and our parts. That means that if the same thing goes wrong with your air conditioner after we've completed a service call, you can be certain that we'll address the problem with no extra cost to you. You shouldn't leave the comfort of your home or office building to chance. Instead, opt for service from the heating and air condition service specialists at Blaine Heating and Cooling. No matter whether you need help cleaning dryer vents or replacing an air conditioner heat pump, we're the company to call. Contact us today to get fast and friendly service in Minneapolis!

Humidifier Repair

A furnace humidifier can work to combat the drying effect of forced air heating in the winter. This can make the air more comfortable in your home and even assist with respiratory ailments. If your furnace humidifier starts acting up, you may not be able to control the level of humidity in your home and your allergies and breathing problems could get worse. You don't have to suffer, though! Call on the humidifier repair experts at Blaine Heating and Cooling, and we will inspect and repair your built-in furnace humidifiers. By repairing your furnace humidifiers, we'll give you the ability to control the humidity level in your home once again and make it more comfortable during the dry months of winter.